Saturday, November 23, 2013

Movie Review for Thor the Dark World.

My dad and I went to see Thor the Dark World.  The story is about when evil elves take over the world. Thor hears about it but needs his Brother Loki’s help.   He goes back to earth to bring his friend Jane Foster to his world which is Asgard.  This is one of my favorite super hero movies. It has lots of action and violence.  However, there are a few bad scenes.  Thor and Jane Foster kiss a few times.  Jane Foster’s friend named Darcy kisses a boy too.  There is one part with a guy running around naked but you don't see anything inappropriate.  Parents may not like their kids to see this and want to close their eyes.   There are a few bad words in the movie like the s word and some other bad words. I think kids younger than 11 should watch first with their family or with their dad or mom instead of seeing is with their friends. So for 11 and under I give it a B+ but for like 7 years and under I give it a B-.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to my Son's New Blog!

Welcome to my son's blog!  Markus loves to watch movies, however he isn't crazy about writing!  If you ask him," what do you want to do when you grow up?"
His answer," a movie producer and a movie critic."

He also says he wants to be a chiropractor!   We came up with idea of creating a blog and allowing him to give his opinion about movies we allow him to see.  (As you just read it will only be movies we give permission for him to watch!) He loves the idea and what a great way to get him excited about creative writing!!!

 We want to help Markus know that with God anything is possible. We just want to plant the seeds in his heart that his dreams can be a reality as long as he is able to dream big, take risk and work hard!  It's never to early to begin to help our kids find what makes their heart come alive and find what God is calling them to do!!!

In the next couple of days, Markus will be posting his very first movie review!